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Foreign Trade Zone

Unlock Your Global Potential

Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ) are land areas within the United States that are legally considered outside of the United States Customs and Border Protection Agency’s authority. Merchandise can be imported to these zones and allow companies to save time and money on duties, tariffs and production costs.

Foreign Trade Zone 90 is located within the counties of Oswego, Onondaga, Cayuga and Madison. The proximity to New York markets, railways, airports and Lake Ontario allows for a vast number of areas in which your business may choose to export your goods to.

What Are the Benefits of a Foreign Trade Zone?

Duty Deferral

Foreign Trade Zones allow for no duties and federal excise taxes to be paid until a finished production is brought from the FTZ to the domestic market territory or a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) country. Additionally, there is no time limit on which merchandise can remain in the zone.

Duty Elimination

Duty and Quota charges do not apply while merchandise is in the FTZ. Duties are not paid on waste, scraps or defective merchandise that does not enter the U.S. market. Duties are paid at lower tariff rates when the finished product enters the market.

Reduced Processing Fees

Processing Fees are reduced through the Weekly Entry Process allows goods to be shipped at any time, seven days a week, with only one entry filed each week and one Merchandise Processing Fee per entry.

Streamlined Logistics

After the merchandise has been approved by customs, imported goods may be directly delivered into the zone.

Indefinite Storage

Your company can hold goods and merchandise in an FTZ indefinitely or until ports are opened. The goods are not subject to quota restrictions and can be entered into U.S. commerce at any time.

Easily Manage Inventory

FTZs give your company the opportunity to closely track your inventory. When goods are brought into a warehouse that you control, you can identify and manage them instead of being under Customs control.

Our Foreign Trade Zone: FTZ 90


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